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 The Colorado Monitoring Framework (CMF) is a statewide nonprofit organization formed with the objective of creating a scientific, collaborative process to comply with water quality regulations of interest to CMF members. The CMF also coordinates with other members of the water quality community, such as the Water Quality Control Division, the Water Quality Forum, and the Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council.

collaborative solutions to Colorado’s water quality challenges


The CMF operates with the goal of having a diverse membership in order to support municipal, industrial, and agricultural interests and address increasing complex regulations and compliance requirements.  The CMF provides a unique forum for members to share information, exchange implementation experiences, and develop scientifically-defensible data to address statewide as well as site-specific water quality challenges.


Coordinating monitoring activities and sharing data facilitates identification of opportunities to improve the scientific foundations for water quality standards development.  Collaborative problem-solving is the approach the CMF emphasizes to help its individual members develop approaches that are technically sound, effective, and in compliance with state and federal regulations.