Water Quality Control CommissionIMG_1114

  • Water quality standards setting;
  • Policy-making;
  • Adjudication/appeals

Water Quality Control Division

  • Staff to WQCC;
  • Monitoring & assessment;
  • Permitting;
  • Engineering;
  • Develop WQ standards proposals

EPA Region 8

  • Regulatory oversight;
  • Enforcement oversight;
  • WQ standards approval;
  • TMDL approval

Colorado Parks & Wildlife

  • Participates in WQCC hearings;
  • Fish stocking;
  • Reviews water projects

Colorado Water Quality Forum

  • Provides opportunity for informal dialogue among diverse parties representing a broad spectrum of stakeholder interests in water quality management

Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council;

  • Facilitates water quality monitoring;
  • Encourages data sharing;
  • Outreach;
  • Data upload to DSN;
  • Supports Reg. 85 monitoring

CO Watershed Assembly

  • Support watershed groups;
  • CO River Watch Program;
  • Fiscal agent for DSN

CO Wastewater Utility Council

  • A forum¬† to discuss water quality and wastewater issues;
  • Develop positions on water quality and wastewater issues;
  • Training & special projects

CLEAN – Center for Comprehensive, OptimaL, and Effective Abatement of Nutrients – CSU

  • Physical system – identify nutrient removal and recovery solutions
  • People and policy – identify effective incentives for adoption of sustainable nutrient management
  • Decision making tools – develop widely transferable modeling, data and decision tools for risk and performance assessment.


  • Water-quality monitoring;
  • Data analysis & evaluation;
  • Data upload to DSN;
  • Fiscal agent for CO Monitoring Framework