Colorado Data Sharing Network

The Colorado Data Sharing Network (DSN) is the primary project of the CWQMC. The DSN is a revolutionary way for organizations to share data with the public and with each other. After data is collected by organizations around the state, it can be easily uploaded and viewable on the web. Each time data is shared, it not only increases the knowledge of water quality around the state, but hopefully saves time and resources for others who are interested in monitoring in a given basin. To view the Colorado DSN, check out some of the following links:

GIS map

To view all water quality sampling locations using a GIS map, click on the following link (email registration required):


**Keep in mind that points will not appear until you are zoomed in to a specific area. You can download data directly from the map by clicking on a sampling location dot. NWIS and STORET data and locations are also displayed on the map.

Google Map

Google map allows data to be downloaded directly from AWQMS monitoring locations; and provides links to download data from USGS and EPA National Data Warehouse monitoring locations. Click on a monitoring location to download data.

With the Exceedance filter on, data that exceeds will be red to distinguish from the data that does not exceed the filter request on the AWQMS monitoring locations.

To download data:

Anyone can download data from the DSN. To gain access to Water Quality Data around the state login to the following site using


as both the USERNAME and PASSWORD.

AWQMS Database Access Information

To upload data:

To upload data to the DSN you must have a unique username and password assigned to you. You can obtain one of these by emailing [email protected] for the current costs. Once you have your own username and password, you can upload as much data as you like. For more information, please go to the CDSN website: