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The Colorado Monitoring Framework (CMF) is a nonprofit organization formed with the objective of creating a collaborative process to comply with nutrient water quality regulations adopted by the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission in 2012 in priority basins, e.g., the South Platte and Arkansas. Regulation 85, the Nutrient Management Control Regulation, contains requirements for point source dischargers to collect and report effluent and in-stream nutrient data to the Water Quality Control Division. However, the CMF envisions that this information, coupled with relevant additional information collected in a collaborative manner will be critical for the development of site-specific nutrient standards as well as tracking water quality improvements over time. As such, cooperative water quality data management and analysis activities are also high priority tasks.

Benefits of MembershipFtn Creek conf with Arkasas River
Your participation in the CMF will result in:

  •   Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) Template
  •   Create consistency in data collection.
  •   Share effort and resources.
  •   Perform data gap analysis.
  •   Determine nutrient loads coming from point and non-point sources and in-stream processes that impact nutrient transport.
  •   Share data and information among members.
  •   Develop approaches for site-specific standards and alternatives.
  •   Document and evaluate near-field and far-field effects of nutrients.
  •   Identify impacts of water management activities on water quality.
  •   Assess algae sampling techniques on various stream bottom types.
  •   Provide in “strength in numbers,” e.g., enhanced ability to reach consensus with the Water Quality Control Division on nutrient monitoring and compliance-related issues
  •   Provide access to technical and regulatory expertise in nutrients and possibly other water quality concerns.


Membership Enrollment

Who is eligible for a Monitoring Framework membership?

Any individual or organization is eligible to become a Monitoring Framework member. Levels of membership are based on the type of organization and the level of desired involvement and the public is welcome to attend meetings. Individuals and organizations are welcome to attend a meeting prior to becoming a member to evaluate the CMF process, network and evaluate the benefits of becoming a member.

CMF dues are assessed on a calendar year basis and dues for new members will be prorated based on the date of membership. To become a CMF member complete the Membership Enrollment Form below and return it to the address on the form.

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